Mob Mentality The Series

Mob Mentality is a 1-hour scripted crime drama that takes place during present day on Staten Island in New York City. Currently in production the pilot episode is being shot as a short film throughout New York. With it’s robust cast full of unique characters with their own interesting story to tell Mob Mentality immerses you in a world that still exists today.

Show Synopsis: Carmine, a former mobster sets out to rebuild his life after getting released from prison but his plans are derailed after a series of events thrust him back into a life of crime.

If you are interested in auditioning for any Open Role’s please send your headshot, resume and actor reel or a 1-2- minute video reciting a monologue to: Please place the name of the character you are submitting for in the subject field of your email.


Jack S. As - Carmine “Car” Ponte

Carmine, spent seven years in the Federal penitentiary for lying to a federal investigator and witness tampering in connection with his father’s RICO case. Out of prison just over two years Carmine is intent on going straight but family and financial obligations and a desire to settle old scores lure Carmine back into the life.

Michael T. As -Anthony Sorillo

Anthony, a hot head that enjoys violence is always up for a fight. He’s a man of few words and for him patience is not a virtue. Anthony was born a criminal and will likely die one as he has no interest in living a legit lifestyle.

Colin V.W. As - Ignacio “Iggy” Coletti

Iggy, a criminal mastermind who prefers to use his talents to break the law is unassuming but lethal. Although he is socially awkward around women Iggy is fearless and ready and willing to prove it.

Kapri F. As – Mackenzie “Mack” Major

Mack, a well-known drug dealer on the Island teams up with Chauncey’s crew after realizing that Chauncey has connects that he needs. Rather than go to war with
Chauncey Dro plans to use him to get the drug connects he needs first. Now a member of Chauncey’s crew Mack is not satisfied as greed proves too tempting thereby fueling Mack’s motives and taking him down a path that there is no turning back from.

Zaden L. As – Young Iggy

Young Iggy, and Carmine came up together in Midland Beach and remain best friends. Young Iggy was a rule breaker who was always in trouble.

Jack C. As – Carmine Ponte Sr.

Carmine Ponte Sr., the former head of the notorious Ponte crime family is still feared by most even from his 6x8 cell in the Federal penitentiary. For twenty-two years Carmine Sr. and his crew were responsible for most of the murder and mayhem that went down on the Island. Now serving twenty to life on a RICO conviction he relies on his son to do his bidding.

Fendi C. As – Jenny Gomez

Jenny, who is Carmine’s head escort keeps all of the other girls in line. She is a fiery take no shit type with a bad temper and an obsession with money, fast cars and
vulnerable men. Jenny uses her looks to get any and everything she wants. Jenny believes everything can be had for a price… even her.

Darius J. As – Chauncey Black

Chauncey, a ruthless drug dealer and killer whose crew is partially responsible for the heroin epidemic that has hit the Island hard is willing to neutralize anyone that messes with his money or poses a threat to his freedom.

Constantine K. As – Vincent Coletti

Vincent, a woman beater and womanizer enjoys inflicting pain on those that he is supposed to love and protect. Vincent soon learns that his extreme hatred for Carmine may prove to be his demise.

Indonesia K. As – Madison Sinclair

Madison, a high school senior full of insecurities stemming from her weight struggles with feelings of rejection, depression and suicidal thoughts as she tries to complete her last year of high school.

Sam D. As – Joseph Scarfolo

Joseph, a violent two-bit pimp is on the hunt to find Jenny his former top earner. Jenny owes Joseph quite a bit of money but skipped town before settling up. Joseph is
determined to find Jenny and will do whatever it takes to get the money she owes him.

Barbara B. As - Vincenza Ponte

Vincenza, will stop at nothing to protect her family. She is loyal to her husband and children and willing to do anything that being the wife of a former reputed mob boss requires of her.

Patricia L. As – Connie Forgoso

Connie, struggles to pick up the pieces after her only son Tony overdoses on a bad batch of heroin and dies. Hatred and anger festers within Connie as she tries to come to terms with the fact that her son is gone.

David W. As – Simon Lipschitz

Simon, the Commissioner of the New York State Board of Psychology is the only thing standing in the way of Carmine getting his license to practice. Simon, is dead set on making sure Carmine never practices in the State of New York.

Michael M. As – Sal Malone

Sal, the owner of a local bar on Staten Island is unassuming but proves dangerous as his loyalty to Carmine proves deadly for anyone that poses a threat to Carmine or his family.

Ham M. As – Dro “Hydro” Wilson

Dro, also known as Hydro on the streets of Staten Island can go from zero to sixty in seconds. He is Chauncey’s protégé and is a heartless killer and the head of Chauncey’s crew. Dro is ready, willing and able to take out anyone that poses a threat to him or Chauncey Black.

Forest Q. As – Young Carmine

Young Carmine, who hangs on his father’s every word has an impenetrable loyalty to Carmine Sr. and wants nothing more than to make him proud and join the family

Bill C. As – Frank Marano

Frank, a detective who is obsessed with the Ponte family believes that newly released Carmine is up to no good. Frank boasts the fact that he was involved in the investigation that ultimately took down Carmine Sr. thereby dismantling the Ponte crime family. Frank is certain that Carmine is back in the life and is willing to stop at nothing to prove it and take him down.

Nile D. As - Christian McKnight

Christian, the son of a local drug addict that resides on Staten Island get’s noticed by Chauncey who takes a liking to Christian after seeing him on numerous occasions.

Nathan V. As – Young Anthony

Young Anthony, and Carmine grew up together and are best friend’s to this day. As a youngster he was a punk who was often up to no good.

Aaliyah Garrison – Open Role To Be Cast

Aaliyah, a junior at Concord Alternative high school suffers from severe anger issues ever since she was left paralyzed from the waist down. Aaliyah who was the passenger in a car that was hit head-on by a drunk driver struggles to rebuild her life. Aaliyah’s unpredictable behavior and extreme outbursts leave everyone around her on high alert.

Arty Nesselbaum – Open Role To Be Cast

Arty, the elderly husband of Estelle Nesselbaum one of Carmine’s patient’s he see’s through his private practice is frustrated as he watches his wife deteriorate. Arty while a dutiful husband has tired of his wife’s mental breakdowns.

Tom Flannery – Open Role To Be Cast

Tom, the Chief of Police who is nearing retirement is often times distracted by his marital problems and disliked by most of his squad.

GiGi Coletti – Open Role To Be Cast

GiGi, a battered wife and mother lost her passion for life long ago. If it weren’t for her children GiGi would not stay with her abusive husband Vincent nor would she keep going home where she endures verbal, mental and physical abuse at the hands of Vincent.

Kwame Konadu – Open Role To Be Cast

Kwame, a Ghanaian diplomat has been disgraced by his son’s lifestyle choices. Realizing that he is unable to get through to Kofi he has disowned his son and is intent on ensuring that he protects the rest of his family by keeping Kofi away from them.

Dred – Open Role To Be Cast

Dred, is the head of a ruthless drug cartel that is responsible for supplying heroin and cocaine to the majority of drug dealers in New York City. A disagreement with Chauncey on pricing causes tensions to flare between the two men.

Loretta Black – Open Role To Be Cast

Loretta, Chauncey’s loving mother counsels her son and warns him about the danger he faces in the line of work he is involved in.

Kofi “KayKay” Konadu – Open Role To Be Cast

Kofi, the son of a Ghanaian Diplomat has chosen the streets over getting an education. Although he is highly intelligent and had a promising future KayKay is now an up and coming drug dealer who proves to be a disgrace to his family.

Priscilla “Cill” Davenport – Open Role To Be Cast

Priscilla, a successful attorney in private practice is devastatingly beautiful. She is Sweet Chocolate, has Sinful curves and the type of ass you only see once in a lifetime. During a chance encounter Priscilla and Carmine meet and their energy instantly draws them to each other igniting the beginning of an intense love affair. For Carmine the sun rises and sets with Priscilla -- who finds herself falling for a man she comes to realize has been lying to her.

Jesse Davoe – Open Role To Be Cast

Jesse, a twenty-one- year-old senior at Concord Alternative high school in Staten Island is fierce, fabulous and openly gay. Jesse loves himself and his life. However, Jesse has been through a lot in his twenty-one years as he has endured bullying and has had to deal with a dysfunctional home life. To help work through his issues Jesse meets with Carmine weekly to discuss issues of rejection that he faces from his family, peers and society.