Locked & Loaded Films is an independent film production company and the brainchild of Isis Djata an American filmmaker and screenwriter with over seven years of experience crafting memorable stories. Isis has a B.S. in Journalism from Mercy College and a J.D. from Southern University Law Center. Isis has written numerous screenplays spanning various genre’s with eight projects currently in pre-production. Through her unique ability to create complex characters set amidst the backdrop of the ever changing worlds she creates for them Isis has mastered the art of compelling storytelling.

Isis with her keen ability to write natural dialogue something that many screenwriters struggle with is able to effectively humanize her characters to ensure viewers understand the world from her characters point of view. Utilizing the Show Them Don't Tell Them approach to screenwriting Isis takes her readers and viewers on a journey that leaves them at the edge of their seat yearning for more as she reveals subtle clues that require one to connect the dots on their own.

Isis understands the importance of utilizing this writing technique as readers and viewers do not like to watch television shows or movies that they have figured out in the first few minutes. Isis takes the same approach to filmmaking carefully crafting every scene to ensure that it not only propels the story forward but that it also keeps the viewer guessing while ensuring they are entertained and engaged.

Isis, creates memorable characters that are relatable and that stay with readers and viewers long after they have finished reading one of her scripts or watching one of her films.

When asked about how she approaches screen writing Isis has been noted as saying “this is my character’s world I just live in it.” As a screen writer and filmmaker Isis believes that you must create real characters who like human beings are perfectly flawed. Once the screen writer and filmmaker understands this shortcoming innate in us all they will be able to reveal a character’s good attributes while exposing the ugliest parts of them which will make audiences love and hate them at the same time.